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Dataset / toTransient

Given a single dataset, return a new dataset with the same data but not serializable. Strictly speaking, the dataset will be serialized with column names and types only. The rows are discarded.

Available in all scopes, but behavior varies. In all scopes, java native serialization will save only the column names and types. In designer scope, XML serialization will also discard the rows. This makes projects and windows smaller and faster to open.

toTransient(dataset) returns Dataset

ArgumentData TypeDescription
datasetDatasetThe source dataset to be copied as non-serializable.

Usage Notes

The built-in toDataSet() expression function will perform the reverse operation, yielding a BasicDataset that will be serialized in its entirety.

WARNING: Datasets converted from transient to persistent by the toDataSet() expression function can be very large. If you do so, avoid saving the project when large datasets are present, or you will suffer from long serialization delays.