Time Series Database Cache Module by Automation Professionals
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This composite type extends the DateSpans type to include a dataset column name as a property. It is used to carry data present and/or data missing information for a single column.


from java.util import Date
from com.automation_pros.tsdbcache import DateSpan, ColumnSpans
timeline = ColumnSpans('acolumnname')
timeline.add(DateSpan(Date(...), Date(...)))


PropertyData TypeDescription
colNameStringThe column name associated with the time spans.
spansList<DateSpan>Underlying list of DateSpans. Operations on this list are unchecked.


ArgumentData TypeDescription
arg0ColumnSpansComparison subject
returnsintImplements natural ordering for ColumnSpans objects, which will sort by ascending column name, case sensitive.

See the documentation for the parent class, DateSpans, for a description of its methods. ColumnSpans includes all of those methods.